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Gulf Agency Marill service is registered in Somaliland
and Somalia and punt land



Gams Marill Service is Registered in Somaliland and Somalia and Puntland , Gams main office is Hargeisa with branches in Barbera ,Bosaso and mugadisho all logistic service GAMS will work with sister company of Trasit Marill Group registered in Hargeisa with Partners deeply involved in logistic field.

What do we have to offer

Gulf Agency Marill Services (GAMS) is duly registered in Hargeisa and Mogadishu. More than 50 years experience in moving cargo, forwarding and provide our customers with prompt, efficient and effective agency services to vessels, principals and service providers in Somalia.

Why choose us?

Gulf Agency Marill Services (GAMS) is a solution provider for Somalia & Somaliland. GAMS handles all import/export operations and covers the full range of multimodal transport. Wherever you want to get your valuables, GAMS and Transit Marill will tailor our services to be sure to transport your goods according to your needs.

Insurance & Security

Unfortunately, insurance is not available through Somaliland at this time. Third party insurance is in-course.

GAMS will assume the sole responsibility for the secure delivery of the consignment in its custody from the POD through to destination
Our hand-picked drivers for the cargo will ensure safe and reliable transport of goods 

A police escort consisting of 2 SPU (Special Police Unit) and vehicle for each truck will be provided from the port to destination
Any cargo requiring storage before shipment transportation will be protected by a security team and stored in a secured warehouse within the port

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  • Hargeisa Address: Sul. Maxamed Farah Road. Beside UNDP Headquarters.| Hargaisa, Somaliland
  • Mogadishu Address: Maka Al Mukarama street,Shabelle Tower| Mogadishu, Somalia
  • +252 515637
  • +252 63 3428888
  • gamsoper@gulfagencymarill.com

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GAMS is a subsidiary of Marill Group & Gulf Agency Service, both based in Djibouti