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Cargo Insurance

Gams provide cargo insurance coverage on land, at sea and in storage — and the full range of risks from damage in transit to war and terrorism. We also offer professional liability insurance for freight forwarders, logistics companies and land carriers.
In partnership with a leading worldwide insurance company, we have developed a cargo insurance solution to ensure that your cargo value remains protected throughout the transport and up to delivery.
Insuring your cargo with us is the best way to get a personalized guarantee, obtain the best rates and compensation in case of cargo loss or damage and protect your business from a global perspective with a single contact point.


Security Escort

We ensure a safe delivery of goods of our customer and is proven by a flawless track record.

• Goods Protection (armed or unarmed) when delivering them by any vehicle type.
• Cargo escorting by means of transport owned by the security firm
• Development of the optimal and safest travel route
• With our in-depth knowledge of supply chains and logistics, we are able to use Somali National force, Amison and SPU to unsafe and hard to reach destinations.

Meet & Greet and Visa Processing Services

Gams is an exclusive meet and greet service that makes the airport something to look forward to—for our clients. From arranging Visa, fast-track clearance through arrivals or departures to helping with transfers, baggage. We ensure a swift, smooth and safe passage through the airport.

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GAMS is a subsidiary of Marill Group & Gulf Agency Service, both based in Djibouti